Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Walk 2010

My sister and I attended Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk this year.

More info HERE.

Thousands of people participated from all over the world and it was a bunch-o-fun! Here is our little Edmonton group..

My sister is amazingly talented in photography. My pictures are boring and dull compared to hers.. But I gained SO much knowledge by going on this walk with her.. about my camera and its functions.. My big sister is the best. :)

Here are a few photos that I shot. I dont use/have photoshop so these are straight from my camera. I hope to get it one day but for now.. au natural :)

That last one was after the photo walk :)

It was so much fun just walking around the U of A and taking pictures of everyday things. Usually I'm running around campus like a chicken with my head cut off.. that day I was taking my time and absorbing all the beauty. It was tons of fun and I will definatly be taking part again next year!

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  1. Oh Mo - you make me so very happy... Thanks for signing us up on that walk I hope we get to do it every year.

    I LOVE you pictures BTW