Monday, August 23, 2010

Living Room Window Update

Happy Monday! We had a really productive weekend and because of a certain delivery today, we were able to complete the living room window.

This is what we were living with. Ugly huh. We removed the old trim when we painted the living room.

Thomas cut, installed and caulked the new trim..

I painted it.

We bought panel curtains from Ikea, the bar is from Home Sense, and the bamboo blinds are from Overstock.

Things are really starting to come together in this room. I can't wait for the full reveal :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mail Box

Creative title, yes? Ahh.. Thank you!

So just as the title might suggest, we updated our bill/junk mail reciever. The old one was a little rusty/worn and for $16.00.. We couldn't resist this project any longer! :)


New and Improved!

Sydney making sure its safe.. such a good dog..

Now does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the rust stain on the siding left over from the old box???

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Walk 2010

My sister and I attended Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk this year.

More info HERE.

Thousands of people participated from all over the world and it was a bunch-o-fun! Here is our little Edmonton group..

My sister is amazingly talented in photography. My pictures are boring and dull compared to hers.. But I gained SO much knowledge by going on this walk with her.. about my camera and its functions.. My big sister is the best. :)

Here are a few photos that I shot. I dont use/have photoshop so these are straight from my camera. I hope to get it one day but for now.. au natural :)

That last one was after the photo walk :)

It was so much fun just walking around the U of A and taking pictures of everyday things. Usually I'm running around campus like a chicken with my head cut off.. that day I was taking my time and absorbing all the beauty. It was tons of fun and I will definatly be taking part again next year!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I want to share a secret..

Well its not really a secret but not many people know about it.. Have you ever been to a store and the product you are buying rings up more expensive than what the shelf said? Most Canadian retailers follow the Scanning Code of Practice. Which just so happens to give you that particular item FREE up to $10.00 if said situation occurs.

On a recent trip to Home Depot we walked passed the clearance lighting section and stumbled upon these for $15.00!

That was a pretty decent price, right? $7.50 a light. Not too shabby. Okay. So we pick them up and make our way to the check out.

Our lights ring up to $19.99. Whoa. Hey. Settle down.

I let the cashier know about the mix up. And sure enough the computer was wrong. So she manually adjusted the price to $15.00.

I then informed the cashier about the Scanning Code of Practice which her employer is a part of and participates in. She had no idea what I was talking about. She asked a co-worker who told her about it and BAM.

I scored me two new exterior lights for $5.00!! Woohoo!

So the first light we chose to update was the back porch light. Nothing pretty about this..

Down ye' come..

Up ye' go..

just keepin it real, showin you my cement step with a chunk out of it.

Now that I'm done talking like a pirate. What do you think? :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitchen Table Redo

When Thomas and I moved into our house we were given a table and chairs from family. We had also bought some chairs off of Kijiji with the intent on fixing them up one day. Well we did and here are the deets! (Ha! Deets!)


So the white chairs are from Kijiji and the all wood chairs were given to us with the table. I like how they are mismatched. :)

Heres what I used.. weapons of mass creation I tell you..

Okay. So. Once upon a time I sanded the white chairs a little. But. I did not sand anything else for this project. Nope. What about the table and chairs that were clear coated? No. I refused. So I gave everything a good prime (note: 2X coverage.. yeah.. it works as good as it sounds.)

Chair before:

Chair Primed:

Chair Heirloom Whiteded (whhhaaatt?) :

And then I applied the clear top coat and I'm going to assume you dont want to see pictures for all four chairs sooo.. moving on..

Table befores:

Okay so thats not the table.. but aint my little helper cuuute? :)

I also added these felt pads to the bottom of the chair legs aswell as the bottom of the table. It makes moving them around a lot easier!

Are you ready? Heres the big after.. it makes me oh-so-hap-ee!

I really hope you like them! :)

I can't wait to post more and show you what we have been up to!

Friday, August 6, 2010

I promise this long absence from blogging does not mean zero house progress. Oh.. quite the opposite. Heres a little inspiration I've been working off from Shabby Chic . If I could live in a Shabby Chic store I would. I just love everything about Rachel Ashwell's design.. amazing!

ohhh ok and maybe a sneak peek at whats getting freshend up this weekend..