Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I want to share a secret..

Well its not really a secret but not many people know about it.. Have you ever been to a store and the product you are buying rings up more expensive than what the shelf said? Most Canadian retailers follow the Scanning Code of Practice. Which just so happens to give you that particular item FREE up to $10.00 if said situation occurs.

On a recent trip to Home Depot we walked passed the clearance lighting section and stumbled upon these for $15.00!

That was a pretty decent price, right? $7.50 a light. Not too shabby. Okay. So we pick them up and make our way to the check out.

Our lights ring up to $19.99. Whoa. Hey. Settle down.

I let the cashier know about the mix up. And sure enough the computer was wrong. So she manually adjusted the price to $15.00.

I then informed the cashier about the Scanning Code of Practice which her employer is a part of and participates in. She had no idea what I was talking about. She asked a co-worker who told her about it and BAM.

I scored me two new exterior lights for $5.00!! Woohoo!

So the first light we chose to update was the back porch light. Nothing pretty about this..

Down ye' come..

Up ye' go..

just keepin it real, showin you my cement step with a chunk out of it.

Now that I'm done talking like a pirate. What do you think? :)


  1. whoa... amazing deal on the lights! looks great!

  2. Lights look great......................Hey that's my niece...keep it up Monique..Bring on the deals!!!!

  3. Whaaat!? I had no idea about this but will so be using this tip from now on. Awesome. Thanks for entering my give-away! Love your blog.

  4. Ah, good for you for bringing up the scanning practices!! I've gotten free milk that way too. I love the way the cashiers have no clue what you are talking about either!!

  5. What a great deal!! My mouth popped open, lol. Love the update!