Monday, August 9, 2010

Kitchen Table Redo

When Thomas and I moved into our house we were given a table and chairs from family. We had also bought some chairs off of Kijiji with the intent on fixing them up one day. Well we did and here are the deets! (Ha! Deets!)


So the white chairs are from Kijiji and the all wood chairs were given to us with the table. I like how they are mismatched. :)

Heres what I used.. weapons of mass creation I tell you..

Okay. So. Once upon a time I sanded the white chairs a little. But. I did not sand anything else for this project. Nope. What about the table and chairs that were clear coated? No. I refused. So I gave everything a good prime (note: 2X coverage.. yeah.. it works as good as it sounds.)

Chair before:

Chair Primed:

Chair Heirloom Whiteded (whhhaaatt?) :

And then I applied the clear top coat and I'm going to assume you dont want to see pictures for all four chairs sooo.. moving on..

Table befores:

Okay so thats not the table.. but aint my little helper cuuute? :)

I also added these felt pads to the bottom of the chair legs aswell as the bottom of the table. It makes moving them around a lot easier!

Are you ready? Heres the big after.. it makes me oh-so-hap-ee!

I really hope you like them! :)

I can't wait to post more and show you what we have been up to!


  1. So jealous of the white table! Looks great, and I agree, that is the best spray paint ever!


  2. What a gorgeous table you have now! :) It turned out just beautifully! It kind of resembles one they have in a PB catalog now. You did a great job!!

  3. Nice! I love white---it's so classic and beautiful. Did you sand the table before you painted? Just wondering! Sometimes I think I need to sand and sometimes I'm positive I don't!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog for a fun giveaway!

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    Meg, . I just used a good primer coat and painted right over top. No sanding required! :)

  5. Looks amazing!! I love a good before and after... lovely blog!

  6. Great transformation. I have a table just like this in my kitchen that is screaming PAINT ME! I just cant decide between black and white.

  7. Wow! Monique,table and chairs look GREAT !!!!

  8. I have the same exact table and have been thinking about painting it white for ages. Thanks for the post!

  9. Love the power of white, you tables and chairs look great!!