Monday, October 4, 2010

I see a white door and I want to paint it red...

Are you ready for this?

Its my most favoritest thing that we've done in the house to date.

Its awesome..

I'm not the greatest at capturing the before shots. So here is the door with a couple of samples on it. (apparently I need to calm down when I 'sample' a colour.. :) )

We decided on Benjamin Moores Affinity Color 'Dinner Party' in their exterior Aura paint. We love BM's Aura paint! Its incredible. I was able to cover this door in two coats. If you have ever painted with red before, you know thats pretty decent.

The old brass hardware just wasn't jiving with the doors pretty new colour. So a trip to Rona later..

Oh, I guess they had a sale on thermostats too.. ;)

Ugly old hinges..

Brand new and looking great!

A little before and "after" shot.. (even though we have a long way to go..)

Before our move in, May 2010

Taken tonight, October 4 2010 :)

I'm sure I speak for both Thomas and I when I say we are super proud of our little bungalow. And all that we have accomplished and done here. There is still a lot of work to be done. At this point, there is no slowing us down. We are renovating machines! :)

What do you think? Do you like our new red door? :)

Incase you were curious.. the total cost for this project including paint and new hardware was $125.00. Less than a new door and MUCH more fun! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Office Update and a exterior front door mess

Hello! I'm almost ready to head to bed but I just wanted to do a quick update on the fun that went on today.

Firstly. We chose a color for the office. Yes! We have decided the 'Monster Truck Room' will be our new office. Heres how its went so far..

 Bye bye trucks :)
 Trim be gone..

Removed the closet doors and the "organizer" that was inside..

 So there is what the room looks like as of tonight  :)

And as for the door.. am I decorating for Halloween? Nope! .. This is going to happen. We are going to have a red exterior door. :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summery Break

I took a little break from blogging for the last part of summer. We were busy and taking in every last bit of the warm weather. Personally, I do not think I've enjoyed a summer this much.. ever. Between time with family and friends, endless camping trips, and spending time in our new home it has been full of awesome. Heres just a small collection of memories..

 Our last camping trip of the summer.. Can't wait to do it again next year! :)

 Car Rally!


 A highlight from our Vegas trip :)

 My Dad and I on a special day

Lake trips with friends to enjoy the sun and relaxation.

I also started a new job last month. I love it and already have a raise to celebrate :-)

We tackled a few small projects here and there around the house. Nothing major.

Thomas wanted to fill in the cement step that had the huge hole in it before snow fall. Handy Man extrodinaire had the step filled before I could finish cooking lunch. Take it easy villa... :-)

The goal here wasn't to be pretty. Its all about maintenance preventing little things from being big issues. Hopefully next year we can tackle the back porch situation a little more.. but for now.. this will do just fine!

This weekend we plan on finishing up the spare bedroom and starting on the Monster Truck room. I'm going to miss that wallpaper dearly. I think I'm still going to call it The Monster Truck room even when its not..

It feels good to be back! :)