Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mail Box

Creative title, yes? Ahh.. Thank you!

So just as the title might suggest, we updated our bill/junk mail reciever. The old one was a little rusty/worn and for $16.00.. We couldn't resist this project any longer! :)


New and Improved!

Sydney making sure its safe.. such a good dog..

Now does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the rust stain on the siding left over from the old box???


  1. Oh, so much better!
    Cleaning isn't my forte, so I can't help you with the rust. But, a big thumbs up on the cute new mail box!

  2. Plain dish soap and water and a scrub brush.....if this doesn't work get CRL......stands for Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover, you can get it at any hardware store,canadian tire etc..Love Aunt Marlene xx

  3. love little updates to the front of the house that look so good! We couldn't wait to toss our old mailbox too :)