Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living Room Design Ideas..

Here is Design Idea Numero Uno..

We have already purchased the big items like the couch and chairs.. so if your all "Ew those are ugly" dont comment that because I might burst into tears. That furniture was our first big people purchase together. How exciting!

The style? Well.. I love the beachy cottage look but usually those are more white on white and I'm going to be honest.. I live in my house.. I eat popcorn on my couch with cream soda. Accidents happen thats why we purchased the extra STAIN PROTECTION WARRANTY. So now that we have agreed I'm sloppy, the style has to accommodate. That is to say, hide accidents that may or may not occur. I like modern lines, but I feel sometimes TOO MANY modern lines lead to a house not feeling comfy and cozy. So you will see modern in the coffee table chosen above and the ikea bookshelf between the chairs but they are complemented by the oversized couch/chair cushions.

We also like to think of ourselves as environmentally conscious. At least, thats what we strive for. Thomas loves bamboo and I do too! So the blinds are bamboo and the rug is jute. I think it gives the room a little nature vibe? And talking about nature.. check out that starburst mirror made of wood. I think it rocks. The picture collage above the couch would be a collection of personal photos and possibly some art prints.

Another consideration is storage. I added those wicker baskets for lack of a better solution. There wouldn't be much of it with this furniture so thats something I need to work on.

Anyways.. This is a work in progress.. I will rearrange the board and share more when the time comes. But for now this is a sneak peek at whats going on inside my brain!

Ideas? Love it? Hate it? Too neutral? Let me know! I'm a big girl I can take it, unless its about my already-purchased-too-late-to-return furniture... Then I'm a baby.


  1. I really like the mirror! I Love the shelf between the chairs.....the baskets are a great idea.

    You should blow up some pictures that YOU take of nature. B&W shots of trees, flowers, leaves etc would looks amazing.

    THIS is whats going on in your brain?! Seems more organized than I thought it would be! haha

    BB tonight! WOOT!

  2. I'm with you! I like tan and grey sofas - theat way you can inject any color your want into the room :) I love the vibe of your room, grown up beachy style :)