Sunday, July 11, 2010

Airing our (not so dirty) laundry..

Our dryer is an old thang that uses up (according to the energuide) 82kWh of electricity a month. *cough* bullpoop *cough*. I have to dry my clothes TWICE because they are still damp if I only put them on once. Two cycles of 60minutes. I feel like I'm pouring money out the window.. and not my own window where I can just go get it again. And yes I've tried almost everything to figure out what the issue is. You probably have never seen a cleaner lint trap in your life.

The solution? No its not to get a new dryer. This weekend we were on the hunt for an energy saving eco friendly answer to our problems. And we found it! Sorta..

Meet my new retractable clothes line!

Why did we choose this? Well you see. Thomas didn't like the idea of a big ol' ugly clothes line always draping across the yard. There are many diffrent types of options out there for drying clothes outdoors. But this is ultimatley what we both liked and picked up.

It was easy enough to install..

We chose to attach it to the fence post and span it right across the lawn to the other fence post. It was personal preference not to drill holes in the exterior of the house or garage. At a cheap $21.00 this was an affordable purchase that just made cents. (Ha! Get it! .. oh geez.. )

I'm loving the way my clothes smell right off the line! As long as the sun is out I'm going to take full advantage of using this outdoors but in the winter we are going to install it inside.

I'd like to take this moment to appoligize to our mothers and fathers for any light we EVER left on in the house.

Our electricity usage was 333.00kWh this month which is averaging us $1.70 a day. I will use this new method to dry our laundry and see what next months bill comes in at..

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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