Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And you thought we were going to stick with the retro lino..

First of all, you'll notice a diffrent color on the walls..

My friend here is a painter! I am lucky to have her because I am a terrible painter. There aren't many things Thomas isn't good at.. but.. lets just say lightly.. painting is not his forte. We were so thankful for the extra help and to have an expert around!

We chose the Aurora brand from Benjamin Moore. This is an amazing paint + primer in one. Personally I haven't used other brands like Behr, but based on the research and reviews I've read its not very good. BM's Aurora was expensive but we didn't have to prime so that made it okay. Its also low VOC and thats really important to us. The BLUE kitchen of mine had me a little worried but this paint got the job done in ONE COAT.

In the kitchen we painted Benjamin Moore's Baffin Island..

And the living room got a facelift with Benjamin Moore's Seaspray..

Okay so after we painted the walls we had to wait for the ceiling to finish up (sand,sand,paint,stamp)so that slowed us down a little but as soon as it was finished production sped up 10fold!

The flooring we bought is a Costco special. It was a great deal and THICK at 14mm. It's laminate so installation wasnt as difficult as a hardwood. Thomas installed all 500ish SqFT himself and made it look easy breezy. We decided to leave the bedrooms carpet for now and just install the laminate in the kitchen, living room, and hallway.

Hey Wendee.. this wasn't planned you know.. but I'm glad your gift got in the picture! I love them! :)

Please disregard my messy closet! I've warned you.. now onto the hallway ch-ch-changes..



Alrighty. That concludes the floor update. Next we have to finish installing baseboards..

Do you know how hard it is to chose a baseboard style? Which one do you like best here?


  1. LOL! I made into the blog! I feel so special! :)

    As for baseboard......the less grooves there are the less you have to get into and clean. Doesnt mean a lot now, but when you have rugrats who spill, splash, drip and drool over everything it makes a difference. I can take pictures of mine if you'd like! LOL

    I love your floor BTW!

  2. Love yuor floors!! looks so much better, bug improvment!!

    Baseboards - I love love # 2 nice and tall, if your paint them a glossy white, they should be extra easy to clean, I just sweep mine