Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I always enjoy popcorn..

Except when its on our ceiling.

Thats right everyone. Our very 60's ceiling is gone and heres how it went down in picture form..

This was the best BEFORE shot I could find.. Okay its a little dramatic.. this is what was underneath our lovely room divider and the whole ceiling is not like this.. but you can see the old texture really well around the brown scrungy looking stuff.. :)

Cue dexter.. I mean Thomas.. We taped up the area floor to ceiling in poly to decrease the amount of dust that would travel through the rest of the house. I'm not sure what it would have been like withOUT the poly but I dont want to know.. because I'm still finding ceiling dust where ceiling dust should not be. And the smell was awful. Not a garbage-io smell but like thick heavy dust smell that you dont want to enter your lungs..

A little messy..

Slightly better..

After much discussion we ended up hiring someone to do the rest. Somethings are best left to the pros.

A close look at the overall finished product. We are really happy with our new knock down ceiling and it makes SUCH a big diffrence!


  1. Looks a much better, I still shake my head when I'm at Lowes or Home Depot and see them STILL selling the popcorn ceiling spray, yuck! lol