Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodbye Lino, Goodbye carpet

Remember when I gave a small subtle hint about our floors? Well heres a bit of detail!

The start of a very messy situation..

The plywood and lino were pried up. Why? The floors are now even throughout the living room and hallway for the NEW floors to go in..

What we discovered under it all.. Why would you ever want to replace this beautiful even OLDER lino.. I just can't even imagine...

And here is the ritual known to all men.. Stand back, look, and enjoy the work you have just done.

The carpet really didn't seem all that bad.. until we ripped them up and discovered the grung. Yuck! Adios!

From floor to ceiling, this house is getting a makeova! *hinthinthint*


  1. Yay! Goodbye yucky old flooring. There is a better life for you out there... ok I'm lying... there is nothing better for you out there. Onward and upward team Awesome!

  2. Wow,lots of work......but it will be all worth it in the end...talk later .

  3. Its going to feel so good to have new floors! We removed the tile in our kitchen and dining room - its was so gross, we now have faux wood floors and love it