Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It was terrible knowing you..

Onto our very first order of business. Have you ever walked into a house and thought "Oh my word, you should rip that out." ? Well maybe not. BUT WE DID. The night we found out this house was ours we knew the first project we were going to tackle. I'm going to show you the before and you can probably guess what we did..

So? You think we ripped out the hideous wooden room divider thingy? Yes?? What you think its ugly??? .. Us too. So its gone. And heres how it all went down..

There was a lot of discussion of whether is was a smart idea taking it out. No there wasn't. That was a lie.. I thought if we took it down the house would collapse because this ugly thing was obviously supporting the entire building. I couldn't even get the last word out before I heard a hammer making contact with wood and bam. I guess I was wrong. Timber..

Since this room is far from done I wont share an official after picture. You will just have to wait and see whats next.


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